Self-Pay Pricing

Lying perfectly still for an imaging procedure is not something most of us look forward to. However, most patients say the imaging experience is nothing compared to the anxiety they feel about paying hospital pricing for the procedure!

Hospital Imaging is Expensive

Hospitals can charge whatever they want for imaging services. In most cases they don’t have to justify prices or even disclose them to patients ahead of time. In most cases you’ll be charged separately for a hospital radiologist to read the image. This means that in addition to cost of the scan, your hospital bill may include the radiologist fee, the contrast dyes, and the cost of the procedure itself. Depending on the medical center, these charges may be bundled together into one, vague charge.

Many insurance policies will cover some or all of the cost if they consider the exam medically necessary. To find out, your doctor or the imaging facility can obtain prior authorization from your insurance company before scheduling the procedure. If you’re uninsured, or not fully covered, Capitol Imaging Centers offer self-pay pricing rates for patients who choose to pay for the procedure themselves.

Imaging Pricing Options

You have options as to where your imaging is performed. To avoid over-priced hospital imaging charges, request that your doctor order your imaging services at one of Capitol Imaging Centers’s convenient locations.

Regardless of your payment option, you will always receive the highest possible service and results. All of our prices and studies include an interpretation by one of our Board Certified Radiologists.

Request A Self-Pay Price