CT scan technology, commonly known as a CAT scan, uses a sophisticated imaging system similar to an x-ray. A machine scans the body and uses cross-section images to create a three-dimensional model. With modern technology, the thin images can be further manipulated with a computer to see the human body in revolutionary ways, helping doctors diagnose diseases more quickly and accurately. This procedure is a non-invasive diagnostic tool, requiring minimal radiation and can see things which traditional x-rays cannot.

Locations Offering This Procedure:

Bluebonnet Imaging
Central Imaging
Vestavia Hills Imaging

What CT Procedures Are Offered?

Head CT
Brain CT
Orbital CT

Paranasal Sinuses CT
Temporal Bone CT
Maxillofacial CT
Spine CT
Neck CT
Chest CT
Lung Cancer Screening
Abdomen CT
Pelvic CT
Extremity CT

What Will I Experience?

According to most patients, the worst part of CT scanning is the need to lie perfectly still for any amount of time. A contrast material may be utilized for better scan results, which can cause minor discomfort depending on the method of administration.