Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive, x-ray free scanning technology that uses radio waves and magnetic fields to produce clear and detailed images of nearly all the organs in the body. MRI technology especially excels in showing soft tissue organ abnormalities occurring all throughout the body.

MRI can provide a peek inside a body to identify and locate abnormalities, producing images that can be critical in the process of detecting tumors, infection, cancer, musculoskeletal injury and male and female reproductive systems.

Open vs Closed MRI?

Patient comfort and cooperation are critical to viable diagnostic results in magnetic resonance imaging. Extremely claustrophobic patients often prefer an open MRI environment. Certain large patients can fit only in open MRI scanners. Our advanced Open MRI technology provides the highest level of patient comfort and safety available in the imaging industry. Our Open Air MRI Technology allows our patients to breath freely, in an unconfined space with up to 5 feet of space! Open configurations can also provide motion studies of the joints which are not possible in a closed MRI unit.

Locations Offering MRI Services:

Ascension Open MRI
Baton Rouge Imaging
Bluebonnet Imaging
Central Imaging
Northeast Imaging
Northwest Imaging
OpenSided MRI of New Orleans
Open MRI of Hammond
River Bend Imaging
Vestavia Hills Imaging

What MRI Procedures Are Offered?

MRI technology can be used to evaluate a wide range of symptoms and conditions affecting the eyes, ears, nose and throat. This procedure can also be used to investigate diseases affecting the salivary and thyroid glands, and to stage and evaluate cancer.

Women who are pregnant are advised not to undergo MRI procedures.

Orbital/Maxillofacial MRI
Neck MRI
Spine MRI
Brachial Plexus MRI
Pelvic MRI
Abdominal MRI
Musculoskeletal MRI
Chest MRI
Brain MRI

What Will I Experience?

Some patients may feel anxious about being inside a traditional “closed” MRI machine. “Open” MRI units are available for patients who would prefer it, especially those with claustrophobia. However, the image resolution of an “open” MRI are usually less than that of a closed unit. if your physician prefers you use a closed MRI, your physician may provide you with sedation for your comfort.